Originator Plus

Meet The ORIGINATOR Plus Founders


Casey Cunningham, XINNIX Founder & CEO 

Casey is a mom, wife and chief architect of the most proven, successful and respected mortgage learning programs in the nation.  She is loved by thousands of students and industry leaders for her warmth, giving nature and selfless desire to improve the lives of every person she meets.  As a Loan Officer, Casey was recognized as one of the top Originators in the nation. Her broad industry experience includes sales management, training & development, human resources, operations and executive leadership responsibility for a multi-billion mortgage bank. She is known for inspiring people to achieve the infinite possibilities in their lives…oh and being a total fanatic.



Rob Cunningham, XINNIX Founder & Executive Vice President

Rob is a proud dad, and married to Casey.  His background includes ten years of military and commercial aviation, followed by ten years of investment banking, financial planning and mortgage origination. Known for his big picture thinking and total lack of focus, Rob is most famous for driving Casey crazy for the pure entertainment value of our associates.