Originator Plus
You’re Almost Ready for a Successful Career

The third phase of ORIGINATOR Plus, Assimilation, comes after the Training and Placement phases. Now you have a job and we’re here to teach you everything you need to know to perform well in your new company and to build your business.


Our ability to help you succeed “in the real world” is how we’ve earned our national reputation.  After you complete your initial training and secure employment, we shift our attention to your immediate business needs.

Within the first two weeks of your new employment, Flight School Training begins. This phase provides all the tools you need to succeed in your new work environment. We guide you through the process of discovering for yourself the best way to apply what you’ve learned to work most effectively in your new company. Through in-branch assignments, you’ll collect key information about mortgage origination procedures from your new colleagues and manager. You’ll learn how to use the technologies necessary for your job. Working on case studies, you’ll have an opportunity to practice and hone your job skills.

After passing Flight School, you’re enrolled in Officer School Training, which occurs over a 30-day period. Our proven success formula has been engineered through decades of mortgage industry experience and is based on delivering just the right amount of training and support, in the proper sequence, and exactly when you need it.