Originator Plus

Become A Mortgage Loan Officer for a Small Investment

Invest In Your Bright Future!

Few programs at this price point prepare you so well for a challenging, rewarding, lucrative career. If you consider what a Bachelor’s degree costs – usually a minimum of four years and $30,000 – you begin to see the real value of ORIGINATOR Plus. In just three weeks, you could be working as a new loan officer with an exciting career ahead of you. For only $2,998, you receive a comprehensive education of real knowledge for a real job. And the other incredible part is you can be employed in only 3 weeks! To get started, we only require you purchase Ground School. Only upon completion are you then required to pay the remainder of the tuition costs.

Ground School Training (Phase I)  

This self-learning phase takes approximately three weeks and establishes the foundational knowledge you need for success in the mortgage industry.

This includes:

  • Ten courses containing a total of 55 lessons
  • Three comprehensive workbooks
  • 55 online quizzes
  • Ten online tests
  • One Final Exam
  • Recommended three-week training schedule
  • Unlimited ORIGINATOR Plus instructor support via telephone and/or email

You’ll gain the foundational knowledge you need to excel in the mortgage industry. The skills and tools you acquire in this phase will serve you throughout your career – and give you a competitive advantage over the majority of new loan officers, many of whom receive little or no training.

Successful students are provided with high profile exposure to mortgage industry employers after successful completion of 70% of this training phase.In fact, it’s not unusual to have multiple interviews lined up when Ground School is completed. So the faster you study, the sooner you may interview with potential employers.

Flight School Training (Phase II) 

This second phase begins shortly after your employment begins. It teaches you everything you need to know about your new employer and how to apply what you’ve learned in Ground School to your new job. It takes you through a “blended learning” approach that includes class instruction and online learning modules. Working 40 hours per week, students can finish in approximately two weeks.

This includes:

  • 21 total lessons
  • 25 case studies
  • 20 key assignments
  • A comprehensive, three-hour final examination

You’ll learn how to apply the principles you gained in Ground School to real-world scenarios. You’ll work on 25 different hypothetical borrower scenarios, known as case studies to confirm you are prepared for your own customers. This process teaches you how to properly structure loans, speak effectively with customers and take complete, accurate loan applications. You will begin building your business and working with real customers during this phase.

Officer School Training (Phase III) 

This phase is focused on sales, marketing and business development strategies built on decades of industry experience and interaction with more than 10,000 mortgage professionals. The program includes:

  • 4 live, instructor-led, 90 minute webinars
  • 12 invaluable business development tools you’ll use throughout your career
  • 16 weekly prospecting activities
  • Your personal business plan must be submitted for review by both the ORIGINATOR Plus instructors and your manager.

In this phase, you’ll learn sales and marketing lessons proven to be highly effective in the mortgage industry. This includes business development strategies you’ll need to employ during your first year in the industry.

Core business development lessons are taught once per week over a four-week span, during live, instructor-led, online classes. After each class, you’ll be assigned “hands-on” assignments that help you immerse yourself in your local market and begin to build a steady pipeline of customers.

A dedicated mentor assists you on a daily basis as you track and report your progress during your first 30 days “in the field.”

The most important aspect of building a successful loan officer career is the first 90 days, and we’ve designed our program to ensure you’re ready for those critical months.