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Life of a Loan Officer

A Day in the Life of a Loan Officer

As a loan officer, you typically have flexibility over your day-to-day work schedule. You may be working from home one day, from the office the next day, and then out and about meeting people on the third day. No two days are the same.

Wherever they’re working, loan officers typically spend the bulk of their time on one of two activities: 

1)    Networking

The American Dream for most people is the ability to own their own home – or they already own their home but may need to move in the coming years. That’s why almost anyone you meet could be a prospect or client at some point.

By spending the time to get to know them, loan officers establish and build trust. This is key – it allows you to understand prospective customer needs, and it means they will think of you when the time comes for them to buy a house. It’s also the way to earn the respect of industry professionals – like realtors, closing attorneys or building contractors – who are excellent referral sources for new business.

Productive loan officers are constantly looking for creative ways to engage with the people and referral sources in their network.  The most successful loan officers take advantage of every possible opportunity to connect, from early morning breakfast meetings and 10-minute coffee appointments to social media strategies and homebuyer seminars. Networking in this way, they enhance their professional reputation and find new customers.

2)    The Office

During this time, you’re typically focused on creating and executing marketing strategies, speaking with potential homebuyers, working closely with team members, and taking care of clients who have loans in process.