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Why The Mortgage Industry?

Why Choose a Career in the Mortgage Industry? 

It’s a career option most people never consider, just because they’re not aware it exists. But it offers great job satisfaction – and a lot of other benefits too!

Is it right for you? You’re the best person to make that determination, but here are some reasons for you to seriously consider this rewarding career

You enjoy helping people own their own home.

Nothing beats the experience of sitting at the closing table with your client. When you see a client get the keys to their first home,  it’s not unusual to witness tears of joy and see how absolutely thrilled they are at having achieved their dream of home ownership.

You’re the one who is guiding them through the crucial process of finding a way to pay for their home. You’re the one who directs them to the loan that’s best for their financial future.

Knowing you’ve been key in helping them secure their own home is something most loan officers find very gratifying. You get to play a very important role in your clients’ lives!

You want a flexible lifestyle.

When you’re a loan officer, you manage yourself and typically set your own schedule, much like someone who works freelance or is self-employed. The best part is loan officers have the support of their company.

That means your employer is providing the products you sell and the pricing. They give you benefits and the technology infrastructure necessary for you to build your business. You’re self-employed – but you have all the benefits, products and team members of a full-time employee. It’s the best of both worlds!

You want the opportunity to work hard, build a good business and reap the financial rewards.

Loan officers have great income potential. We’re not talking about a get-rich-quick scheme, but people in this industry who know their stuff, have faith in themselves, make smart moves and have strong discipline to work can do very well.

And the great thing about being a loan officer is that your income level can always be improved. If you invest time and energy in building your business, it will pay off. The marketing tools ORIGINATOR Plus and your employer provide mean there’s always a path to more clients and a more lucrative business.

You’re really good at relationships. 

Being a loan officer, you’re meeting and talking to people all the time, either in person or online. You’re seeing them for coffee or sharing information with them on your favorite social network sites or calling them to see how they’re doing.

This is a field where knowing lots of people and having an extensive social network directly impacts your success. And if you’re comfortable using social media, you have a head start in terms of marketing yourself.

You like the opportunity to advise and serve people.

Loan officers become experts in home finance – and prospective homeowners need that expertise. And they need an expert they trust to guide them through the home buying process. 

Today, successful loan officers build trust because they always have the best interests of their clients at heart. If integrity is one of your values, and providing ethical guidance is something you’re hardwired for, this could be a great career path for you.

There’s never been a better time for those with a sincere desire to serve to become loan officers.

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