Originator Plus


Getting You Closer to a Great Job

The second portion of the ORIGINATOR Plus program, Placement, is where we connect you with prospective employers who would like to interview you.

Placing You With A Mortgage Company

We have a high success rate of placing our students because mortgage companies need loan officers with the skills you’ll learn in our program. As we’ve been offering loan officer candidates to these companies since 2002, they know they can trust the caliber of individuals we send to them. Lenders are eager to interview candidates we refer.

The Placement phase of ORIGINATOR Plus begins after you’ve satisfied two criteria:

  1. You were accepted for Placement (click here for Placement criteria)
  2. Completion of 70% of Phase I – Ground School training. This indicates your commitment to your studies and your career.

After these requirements have been satisfied, we notify our partner lenders in your desired market.

Click here to learn more about qualifying for placement.