Originator Plus

To put it simply, ORIGINATOR Plus is absolutely the best path to becoming a loan officer.

It’s a complete career solution that gets you trained and then gets you interviews with companies that need quality loan officers. After you’ve been hired, ORIGINATOR Plus continues, giving you on-the-job training and coaching to ensure you are the most successful loan officer you can be.


No other loan officer training program can do all this for you.

Mortgage Companies Have Job Openings they are Eager to Fill
One reason we’re able to get so many of our students placed for interviews is because we’ve built strong relationships with our mortgage company partners for over 10 years. They know we have a track record for finding people who are a good fit for the job and they want to interview our students.

We Get You Ready For Your New Career
Our phase I training, known as “Ground School,” provides a full-immersion introduction to the industry. In only three weeks, it gets you ready to start your career. You’ll be very busy for those three weeks but you’ll also be well-prepared!

What You Need to Do
For us to present you to our mortgage company partners, you need to meet the following criteria:

1. Complete 70% of Ground School, which is the first phase of training. (Ground School completion is required before you start your new role)

2. Complete our online application and assessment.*

3. Complete a live interview with us, via Skype

4. Show your commitment to the industry by purchasing the entire ORIGINATOR program (Ground School, Flight School and Officer School).

* Please note that the mortgage industry requires a credit and background check.