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Being a successful loan officer requires hard work and specific skills, but like most things in life that are challenging, it’s extremely rewarding!

If you have a strong work ethic and a dedication to improving yourself, you can learn the skills necessary to be a successful loan officer. And the ORIGINATOR program can guide you on the path to learning them. In fact, this program prepares people so well for a loan officer career, that our graduates are often ranked among the top 200 loan officers in the country!

We’ve honorably served the needs of new mortgage industry professionals since 2002. Through our ORIGINATOR Plus program, we immerse our students in the industry. We teach the keys to success – and then give you an extra boost by introducing you to our mortgage partners who need well-trained loan officers. 


Amy Bibbey, 48 years old, Fort Collins, CO

Amy worked in the insurance industry for 16 years, followed by nine years in education. Once her children were grown, she wanted to reignite her career. She wanted challenge, interaction with people and the ability to make a good income. When she and her husband refinanced their home, Amy got a glimpse of the mortgage industry and was impressed with the integrity of those individuals whom she had met and worked with. Long story short, she was hired by, that company to become a Loan Officer. Amy wrote over $1 million in loans in just her third month. “I am fired up, passionate and loving what I do,” says Amy. “I believe a realistic goal for me for my first year will be $10 million! That makes me happy!”




Phillip T. Coon, 25 years old, Midlothian, VA

Phillip graduated college and started work at a mortgage company nine days later. He started out in underwriting to learn the process and then transitioned to their secondary department for a couple of months. Once his boss thought he had learned enough about how things worked on the inside, he sent Phillip to XINNIX to learn about things on the outside. Phillip says, “The ORIGINATOR Program was my fast track to success. I finished my training and began writing loans immediately. I have used the techniques I learned in Flight School to help me succeed. I am only 25 years old, but have been in the industry for three years now and it has definitely paid off!”




Tyler J. Neuschwanger, 26 years old, Altoona, IA

Tyler entered the mortgage industry for two main reasons. He wanted to help people purchase homes — something that is one of the most important things in a person’s life. The second reason is he felt he could make a good living. “I took the XINNIX ORIGINATOR training to prep me for my new career,” says Tyler . “I found that education to not only be comprehensive and straightforward, but extremely interesting, too! After completing the courses, which I was able to do in just a couple of months, I felt like I could accomplish anything in the mortgage industry.” The first couple of months were challenging as he began establishing partnerships with realtors and building his database in order to develop his business. I He is currently focused on growing his business and is definitely looking forward to helping more people purchase homes and making a great living in the mortgage business!



Angela Searls, 38 years old, Fargo, ND

Angela started her career in the mortgage industry right out of college because her family was in that business. She worked as a processor, a trainer and an originator. She left the industry for a sales job in pharmaceutical sales where she worked for six years, followed by six years as a medical device sales person. The opportunity to work again in the family business called her back to the mortgage industry where she has been since March. “Once you get this business in your blood, it is difficult to stay away,” says Angela. “I have closed 10 loans in the last three months. It’s good to be back!”



Viktor Sasser, 26 years old, Savannah, GA

Viktor’s mother was in the real estate business, which inspired Viktor to go to school for Finance, with plans to become a real estate agent. Everything went as planned and Viktor received his license just in time for the housing market to turn. Being an innovative man of determination, Viktor fashioned his own “job wanted” sign and stood at the exit of a high-end subdivision in Savannah, where he arranged for three job interviews on the first day. He received two job offers, accepting a position as an Executive Assistant. Still, the desire to be in the financial end of the real estate world intrigued Viktor. He decided to become a Loan Officer, where he has enjoyed success for the last year!